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I was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1986. As long as I remember myself the atmosphere in our house was encouraging creation. The first book illustration I did had begun as a family project. One day my older sister wrote a story about an elephant, & my big brother decided to surprise her by creating a virtual book illustrated by me, on the internet.
After receiving positive comments the site was growing bigger with a few more books, more visitors, getting coverage on the internet and written journalism.

In the year 2003, when I was 16, we decided to self-publish our books. By the age of 18 we had 6 children's books published and sold all over the country! Our family work had been stopped as I began to volunteer at the home front-command rescue unit, but was renewed after two years (2008) when I began to be a freelance illustrator. Since then I have illustrated over 20 books for children, and more different projects such as greeting cards, astrologic cards, puzzles etc…

I'm autodidactic, my style was developed by experiencing different materials, drawing and painting non-stop. My current style is my own special combination of drawing with soft pastels on canvas, scanning and drawing digitally on the computer. In addition to that, there is a variety of styles which I match according to the project demands.

The annual inspiration event is the international book fair in Bologna, Italy, where I go every year since 2009. At the fair I get inspired by all of the greatest children's books from all over the world, and also show my portfolio to many different publishers. Every year I come back home with a new challenge and tons of motivation.

More about me and mainly about my work you can read in the following interview made by SCBWI (international Society of children's books writers and illustrators):


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